Made up of more than 200 cloud products and services

Access a world of possibilities in the cloud, where innovation and scalability come together to boost your business.

Build, run, and manage apps across multiple clouds, on-premises, and at the edge

Trust your cloud

Get security from the start, backed by a team of experts, and proactive compliance.

Work in a hybrid environment

Integrate and manage your environments with services designed for the hybrid cloud.

Prepare for the future

Microsoft's ongoing innovation underpins the work on its future product ideas.

Your Partner in Digital Transformation

With a solid foundation of security and a focus on agility, Azure stands as the perfect ally to take your business into the digital future with confidence and efficiency.

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Virtual Office 

The ideal ally for companies seeking to prosper in the digital age.

From $10.08 USD + IVA/month.

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Provides advanced tools to backup, protect and recover critical data.

From $3.25 USD + IVA/month.

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It gives its users the ability to easily deploy and manage cloud resources.

From $0 USD + IVA/month.

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