RSign is a service of RPost, a global leader in electronic certification with more than 25 million satisfied users


Preparing a document for signature is as easy as uploading it and selecting the fields to sign and/or complete.

Signing from
any device

Your recipients will be able to sign from any device, following an intuitive and guided process.


Having RMail's dynamic cryptography facilities, messages are encrypted for security and privacy purposes.

With RSign you can obtain signatures on any document
and from any device


$12.20 USD/monthly

  • 5TB storage
  • Version history and file recovery of
    180 days
  • Dropbox Rewind 180 days
  • Send up to 2 GB via Dropbox
  • Company Managed Groups

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$21.14 USD/monthly

  • RSign Standard includes up to 50 documents per month per user and the following
  • Guided signing
  • Multiple Signatures by document, sequential signature or “First-Come”​
  • Adjust, drag
    and drop

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$36.59 USD/monthly

  • Includes up to 100 monthly documents per user. It has the features of RSign Standard and also offers
  • Base configuration of design and brand
  • Minimum of 2 users in plans Standard or Business​
  • Increased volume of documents per user (100 per month)
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$48.78 USD/monthly

  • Includes up to 200 monthly documents per user. It has the functionalities of RSign Business and also offers
  • Full Configuration of Design and Branding
  • Minimum of 5 users in the Standard category, Business or Enterprise​
  • Increased volume of documents per user (200 per month)
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