Your own Market Place ready to sell

All Virtuozzo applications and technologies
No software development required
API module for integrations

Go to Marketplace

Single administration interface for business control

Single client interface for subscription sales, control of subscriptions, quotes

Appointments, support tickets, billing, payment methods

In days, customize your own Market Place of digital solutions and offer your clients the widest catalog of cloud solutions, security, productivity, virtual office, backup and even your own services, through monthly subscriptions.

Your own Market Place ready to sell +50 Cloud products

Integrate various sales channels, manage your customers, create marketing campaigns, all without the need to invest in hours of software development.

For your administration you will have:

E-commerce 100% customizable

Web drag&drop editor for content creation

  • Support for multiple currencies

  • Livechat 

  • Marketplace customization

Blogging and e-learning

Help Desk

  • Payment methods

  • CRM to control your opportunities and clients

  • 7x24 platform support and subscriptions in your language

Subscription and billing manager

Asset control

  • Manager of marketing campaigns
  • Multi-tier for the creation of new dependent Market Places

Access to a wide catalog of products and services from leading technology companies, for re-sale:


Cloud instance with your own resource configuration (vCPU, RAM, Storage, etc.) ready for VM creation.

Pay As You Go

Own cloud instance with unlimited resources (vCPU, RAM, Storage, etc.) ready to create VMs.

Virtual Machine

VMs with Windows Server or Linux OS, configured and ready to use.

Virtual Desktop

Intelligent security and mobility management platform, which increases efficiency.

Get free month of IaaS