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Laravel is an open-source, powerful and versatile PHP web framework with scalability, good built-in caching mechanism and high development speed.
Eclipse Che
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Cloud-based integrated development environment (IDE) that delivers a collaborative and scalable development experience for software development teams. With Eclipse Che, developers can create, edit, and debug code in different programming languages, all from a web browser. In addition to providing standard development tools, Eclipse Che includes features such as integrated container management, which allows teams to quickly and efficiently create and share preconfigured development environments.
Spring Boot Cluster
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Spring Boot does not have native clustering functionality built into its core. However, you can easily build a Spring Boot application cluster using complementary tools and technologies. For example, you can leverage the load balancing and load distribution capabilities of servers such as Apache HTTP Server or NGINX in combination with clustering technologies such as Hazelcast or Apache Ignite to create a highly scalable and failure-resilient Spring Boot application cluster.
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WildFly, formerly known as JBoss Application Server, is an open source, highly modular Java application server developed by Red Hat. Designed to provide an efficient and flexible runtime environment for enterprise Java EE and Jakarta EE applications, WildFly provides advanced scalability, performance, and security features.